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spn_mc2's Journal

Misha Collins and Matt Cohen RPS Community
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Misha Collins & Matt Cohen RPS

This is a community for slashing Misha Collins with Matt Cohen. Genius, Y/Y? :) I have devised clever mathematics that makes them = MC2!

Please post all your lovely, dirty fiction here. Understand that this is for LJ users over the age of 18 to read and write in. If you are a minor, get out of here!

Castiel/Young John is allowed before you ask. (Or any of their previous/future characters in other shows or movies also, for that matter.)

Anything above a PG-13 rating or longer than 100 words needs an LJ-cut.

I am your mod: insult girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, concubines, mistresses or entire harems of these people, you will be forcibly ejected. Unreasonable behaviour will not be tolerated unless it includes streaking and rainbows. Or possibly crack!manips to bribe me with.

-- healingmachine
(& co-modded by casiedearestfic)

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